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More fun with Marty... wee bit graphic...

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Well, it's been interesting, if nothing else! *grin* Here I sit, going stir crazy. I am to be "good" and quiet for another couple weeks.. or so. Ha! It's NOT THAT EASY.... *writhe, writhe*

I have pretty much full range of motion in both arms again. I had the subclavicular port put in on my lft side and that's taking getting used to, favoured that arm a bit too. Then the obvious recovery from the lymph node removal on my right. Last Mon. I saw my surgeon to say hello and introduce Babette (my tramflap boob). I was showing off my range of motion and he was very pleased asking if I'd been doing the "spider on the wall" exercises... no, I said, I am freestyling, doing it my way... Then he said it's good to squeeze balls as well.... "I tried that" I said, "but I got slapped."... the nurse nearly wet her pants and the Dr. just stood mute. She teased that he didn't get it and within seconds he turned beet red and said he got it. By the time I left him after various other flashings of Babette, etc., he was still red and had rivulets of sweat running down his cheeks. *impish grin* I love him dearly... have to keep him on his toes, ye' know??

Yesterday was the 3wk anniv. of my mastectomy/tramflap reconstruction, Thurs. will be my 3 wk after the revision (removal of un-needed abdominal skin from the new breat (Babette)... The concert was great but I was exhausted from holding myself in a seated position on a 45degree slope for 6 hrs. The next day, for the first since I'd gotten home, I was exhausted and miserable. My belly was inflated with fluids, I had a 100.6F fever, my remaining drain on the pubic mound was putting out too much, etc. Wed. we trussed me up in a wide elastic band, not unlike a girdle contraption... whee! All manner of goop in the drain after that. Fri. after begging and being "good" for 2 days in a row after which my drain output fell dramatically... the last #&%^^$ drain was removed!!! Wheeeee! I took 600mg of ibuprofen 1/2 hr before and had him whip it out really fast. Much better!! Never let them take it out slowly to keep your clothing clean! (ask me how I know...)

Let's see, a birthday luncheon Sat. during which my lft side, abdominal incision itched like crazy and I felt quite tired. Afterward I returned home to feel a strange wetness on my thighs. Pus. Loads of it pouring from my former drain hole. Icky. Milked it all out and was thankful the hole hadn't sealed yet. 99.6F fever. Went to bed, tried to be "good". Called the on-call Dr. Sun. morn' and had him line up some antibiotics for me while we were on our way to my bone scan. (on a Sun. morn!!)
According to the tech, I have lovely bone mass and the scan looked very clean. She even snuck a copy of it to me! *laughs* The kids were not allowed into the room to see it on screen...

Now I have to wait to find out results on the CTs of my chest and abdomen which were done Tues before the concert. Such a full schedule, eh? Seriously, I get nervous waiting for results...

The chemo which was sched. for Fri was postponed as my drain didn't come out 'til Fri... so we shall reschedule for later this week or beginning of next.. when this last hole has healed up! (It started oozing plasma/clear fluid again this morn'... *rolls eyes*) I'd rather be changing gauze than have the tube in, though.. thank you very much!!

Ok, time to go play with my "in the flesh" support group!

Have a fabulous day, all!! Believe in yourselves!

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Oh Marty, what a kick and a half you are! I just loved your post. You should write a book or at least a column. We all need a laugh. You obviously are doing too much, but good for you! Go for it, dare the damned cancer to take everything you love away! Good for you girl! Gentle hugs, Shirlann

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Hi Marty, love your post, sounds like me talking to my doc. I keep em hopping too. Gotta laugh sometimes at myself. Looks like you're doing OK being "GOOD".
Your posts are funny, graphic, yes, but that's the way it is with us gals. Going thru all that mess and coming out smiling ain't no easy task. Pretty soon you will be doing the tango...... Take good care of yourself, looking forward to the next post... Hugs....Emmi

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I agree with Shirl. keep up the humor and share with us. we need a laugh once in a while. Best of luck to you!!! Let us know how you get along with your chemo.
love, hugs and prayers------Flo

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What a grand start to my morning. Laughter is the best medicine. And I find your ability to make the doctor blush admirable. I cannot even get my radiation oncologist to smile.
I hope you are keeping a journal, or at least a copy of these humorous tales. I think if more people read about our experiences the world would be a more supportive place.
I look forward to the next installment.

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hiya, Marty!
you are such a hoot!!! with all the mess we have to put up with it has to be taken with humor. if we don't laugh about it we'll go insane thinking about it. thanks for the laughter. keep it coming. God bless. Vicki :)

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*bites lip, grinning* Thank you all for your responses... ye' see, while I love to make others laugh and hopefully help someone here and there... I get such happiness from your responses. "T'is a 2-way street. *wink*

Thank you for being here!!!


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Dear Marty,
I am newly diagnosed with breast cancer. I have had a needle biopsy and a lumpectomy. Now they want to do a mastectomy/tram flap on me. Lymph nodes are not involved and don't know if I am going to have to have chemo or rads yet. I am starting to get scared, mostly because I live on my own and have no financial support. I see you have been out of work for a while. That is going to be a serious problem for me. My sis, god bless her is having a benefit for me in October. You seem to have such a wonderful outlook, just wondered if I could kinda be your pen pal.

God Bless,

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Gale, check your mailbox! *grin* You should have mail by now! Let me know if it didn't come thru'... I sent a reply this morn' shortly after I rec'd your note.

Be well! *tight hugs* Marty

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Hi Gale. I had a lumpectomy then a mastectomy with Tram Flap reconstruction. No need for chemo as my BC was DCIS which is noninvasive-no lymph involvement. Didn't need radiation as the mastectomy removed all breast tissue. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions. I'm very happy with my results. I'm a 2 year survivor on Sept. 11. HUGS!! Cathy RPT1206@aol.com

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