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immune system ?

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Anyone follow a special diet/supplement program to help build up their immune system?
(to fight cancer)

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Hi, I was diagnosed on 2/02 and I am just finishing up my 6th month of chemo (carbo/taxofere). Anyway, since my diagnosis I have become a vegan, no refined sugars, no caffiene, no white processed flours/rice. I have been taking supplements: Good multi vitamin, plus extra vit A & E, selenium, calcium, CQ-10. My health throughout the chemo process has been good - I've been working full-time. I've lost weight due to the diet change, but I needed to anyway. There is an excellent book I highly recommend: Beating Cancer with Nutrition by Patrick Quillin. Once I'm through with the chemo process I will slowly add chicken/fish to my diet but plan to eat those in limited amts. Blessings to you and your health, SueWA

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Thanks for taking time to respond;

I'll check that book out.
Also, I read that green tea & Vit. b6 are good to take.

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Hi SueWA, was this change in diet suggested by your GynOncologist? If you don't mind my asking your age and what stage your cancer is. I am Stage IV Ovarian, age 35, I was diagnosed March, 2002. My doctor has yet to tell me about a special diet, just that I need to be sure to eat, even in small amounts when I am feeling ill or lacking an appetite. Cancer has changed my life completely, but not as far as my diet or eating habits other than changes in taste on a variety of foods and beverages. Also, how do you supply your protien/iron to keep your red cells up? So sorry about all the questions, but I can't help being curious. Thank you and God Bless Heidi

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I have stage III Ovarian Cancer. I start
Chemo tomorrow morning. I started a special diet as soon as I came home from my recent "debulking" surgery and I must say I feel better than I have in a long time.
I did a lot of research ( I have two small
children 4 and 7 and it drives me to do things I normally would find extremely difficult) I have always loved dairy and meat and enjoy cooking..... and this committment to a new way of eating is a challenge.
I eat mostly vegetables and fiber ( grains
legumes, etc.) all organic. I drink two shots of wheat grass every day ( great immune builder), two shots of Essiac tea, take lots of vitamins and minerals like selenium and E), carrot juice, garlic, berries,
Ezekial bread, salmon ( for the omega 3's)
colostrum and try to get in at least 10,000 mg's of vitamin C.
It is so much work getting all this in, but I am determined to fight this battle from all angles.
My approach is to starve this Cancer.
Cancer is a sugar feeder and thrives on an acidic pH. This way of eating changes my pH
to alkaline and cuts off it's sugar supply.
We needed a baseline CatScan before chemo started and the results were encouraging. I was so worried the cancer would grow between surgery and chemo ( 5 weeks) because it was so aggressive and the surgeon had to leave a fair amount behind, but the Cat scan showed no growth or invasion of organs and maybe possible shrinkage....so I am driven to stay with this plan. God Bless you! If you want to chat,email me,ADruid @aol.com.

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My friend has gone vegan- no animal products,( meat/ cheese/ milk) she eats coldwater fish, tons of organic vegies, whole grains, etc. She eats low fat (less than 15 g) and NO sugar or honey. She is also taking supplments to boost her immune. So far- so good. She was ovarian 3A, and is now 10 months out of chemo and clean. high fat is a risk factor for ovarian, so is high sugar.
good luck

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