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Capsular contraction...implant discomfort

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I have a saline filled implant that is quite firm and uncomfortable. Just had the nipple put on two weeks ago and it seems to have made the implant even more sensitive and painful. Apparently I have capsular contraction around the implant and was wondering if anyone else has this and how they deal with it. I get the stitches out tomorrow from the nipple reconstruction..hoping that will help. Any input would be appreciated. I don't want to think I went through all this just to have it fail and be removed. I'm so glad all of you are out there and I can at least share how I am feeling. God bless you all.

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Hi there So sorry to hear about the pain. If you are talking about a feeling like a cramp in there, then I had the same thing. I was like a leg cramp, but in my chest. You can e-mail me if you would like evansj22@bellsouth.net. Judy

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I have found that in the first few months after my double mastectomy with expanders, I was experiencing considerable pain and chest tightening. What I discovered was my stress level was off the charts and I just wasn't in touch or admitting how I was feeling. It took an active decision on my part to let go of my fear and chose to get some massages from very skilled professionals that could do cranosacral work, energy release, myofascial release that finally made the difference. A few sessions got me thinking more clearly and being more honest with myself and the pain and tightness reduced to its uncomfortable having expanders but I'm okay.

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Hi Kathie,
I have experienced tightness and pain around my implants too. I have been getting Myo-facial release therapy. The therapy is available through physical and occupational therapists. I was able to get a referal from my surgeon so it is covered by insurance. I felt a huge difference after just one treatment. The therapy works on the connective tissue and scar tissue in an effort to loosen up the tissues, therefore, relieving the pain and tightness. I highly recommend it. Talk to your surgeon and/or plastic surgeon about a referal.
Good luck and don't worry - there are things you can do before you consider the reconstruction a failure!

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