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will these side effects go away?

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hi Lady's, I had my last chemo treatment, so now I was wondering ,,, I was on taxotere and my hands and arms and the lower parts of my legs tingle and go to sleep. I had my left breast removed and the left arm and hand is the worst. It aches a lot. Is this a common thing to happen and will it go away or get better with time?

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I took AC and Taxotere. I was told the Taxotere would have the side effects you describle and I sure had them. It took me about 8 months to feel better. I took Tylenol and used the heating pad a lot. My feet would hurt so bad sometimes I couldn't stand up on them. BUT ... it does go away and when it does you'll feel so good!!! Hang in there!! Jamie

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Thank you Jamie,
I really needed to hear that.I was starting to think this would be a constant reminder of the cancer. I also had the AC and am sure glad that is over.
I get so depressed sometimes I wish the world would stop and let me off. then I read posts on here and realize I'm not so bad off after all. GOSH I wish I could do something to make us all well.....o-well love and GOD bless you----Flo

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my tingling and pain left after5 1/2 months
hang in there and pray

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Thank you sooooooo much!!!finally something to look forward to. lol.

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thanks for responding to my note. I had taxodere and Taxol too. It's been a year and my hands and feet still hurt. I have had some real bad pain in my big toes lately. Maybe nerve endings coming back, but my feet hurt alot, they ache, so hang in there, eventually we will get better. Also, you asked if my imflammation hurts, yes it does. Keep waiting to wake up and it be deflated, but not like a raisin :o) Hugs to you too...Julieanne

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