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I start chemo Mon.-I'm terrified...

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I start my first round of chemo Mon. I'm terrified...4 cycles of AC, then taxotere with Herceptin for 4 more. Then radiation...How do I cope? Anyone else that has gone through this, I'd love to hear from you. I had a 7cm tumor with 23 out of 23 nodes positive. Ct's and bone scan okay. God Bless all of you. Adele

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Hi Adele. My name is judy I have had all of these medicines. You just have to be strong and don;t ever give up. It's really not as bad as you might think orit wasn't for me. If you need to talk I'll be here. My e-mail is evansj22@bellsouth.net if I can help at all I would be glad to. Judy

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Hi Adele,
My thoughts and prayers will be with you as your start treatment.You will get through this I know it doesn't seem like that right now. I would have never been able to if I didn't have my Lord by my side all the way.Chemo is scary I think because we really don't know how our bodies will react to it and everyone is different.Please feel free to email anytime here or at maudsemills@aol.com.We are all here for you and let us know how you are doing.
God Bless You

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hiya, Adele,
i had the ac stuff but not the other meds you mentioned. i did lose my hair but it did not make me sick, weak or anything. God new i needed my strength to care for my then 2 or 3 mo. old son. we're here for you. God bless. Vicki :)

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Hi Adele, It has been ages since I have posted here on CSN, but when I read your post, well that is exactly how I felt when I was facing chemo. My treatment was not exactly as yours is going to be but I did have the AC, I know everybody reacts different but I didn't have that bad of a time, didn't get very sick, and for the most part I was able to continue with somewhat of a normal life while getting my chemo treatments. You ask "how do you cope" well you just take one day at a time and you will find a strength you didn't know you had and you do cope, God will help you and give you the strength you need. Eventhough it is hard sometimes try to concentrate on the positive side of everything. All the best to you, God Bless, Murphy

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hello my name is brittney. I'm 14 years of age, my grandmother has breast cancer. I no how scared you must be. But let me tell you your famliy will be there for you. I understand how scared you must be. But, I'm here to tell you something I'll keep you in my prayers . thank you for your time. your friend, Brittney

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I had the 4 rounds of AC. I prepared myself with reading Dr. Susan Love's Breast Cancer Book. It is the "bible" for breast cancer patients AND family as well. I got one for my 23 yr. old daughter. Besides losing my hair 3 weeks into my treatments, I got a one day red rash on one side of my face. I used Benadryl for that. Went right away. I had 1 night of nausea and they give you the best medicine for that. If one doesn't work, they give you another. Ask for something to sleep. It really helps. I didn't feel weak or anything. Just get that book and try to talk to other cancer patients. Get as much information as you can. I always looked at things as "some people have it so much worse". It made my situation seem much smaller. Best of luck. If you'd like to talk, just e-mail me.

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Don't be afraid, we all know what it is like. At present I am going thru chemo, different protocol, its my second time around. Lost my hair the first time, but not this time, just thinning.Have nausea after the treatment, they give me ZOFRAN for that, and Decodron steroid, this helps and I am functional. Make sure you take your fluids, tea, jello,gingerale. If you would like to talk just e-mail me. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Take care...Love Emmi

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