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Matastatic lung cancer to spine

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My name is Jennifer. My mother was diagnosed with Lung cancer in March 2002 because it had metastasis to her left arm and broke it. She began extensive radiation to alleviate pain. She started Chemo and due to pain had to go back to radiation. This last round of radiation was for the metastasis cancer to her spine. This time the doctors feel she has spinal cord compression or nerve damage however they can't be positive yet. We are now in a catch...If she can't walk she will not be able to have Chemo, but if she doesn't have Chemo she will only get worse My family and I are trying to be positive. Is there anything we can do? We are going to keep going with physical therapy...is there anything else?

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Jennifer,there is always the power of prayer.I was diagnosed with lung cancer in 92 and didnt take chemo by choice although i had radiation.the docs said I had little chance without chemo,but by the grace of God Im still here 10+ years later.Tell your mom to hang in there and hold steadfast to her faith.Wish the best for you all. SLM

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My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer last Thursday. Chemo has already been mentioned but she has not had a biopsy yet. That will take place Wednesday. May I ask why you chose not take chemo? I think that's wonderful that you have recovered without it. I would like for mom to consider all options. And if she can beat this without chemo I'd much rather she consider it.

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