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Sinus Cancer

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Is this as unusual as I'm being told by my physicians? I've never smoked a cigarette ever and I'm a very occasional social drinker. My surgery was completed on March 13, 2002 and after a couple of weeks I returned for 6 weeks of radiation treatment which ended June 21st. I'm getting used to the new "hole in my head" however, since I'm a radio talk show host (Mon-Sat) and a public relations professional, I need my mouth to maintain my livlihood. I maintained my talk show during my radiation treatments by numbing my mouth with Lidocaine and other pain medications. I continue to share my journey with my audience who have been enormously supportive. A neck dissection found no cancer in 58 lymph nodes removed and tested, but today I have a very swollen lymph node under my left chin. Should I be concerned? Any response would be helpful. Thanks so much and bless you all.

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I also never smoked and drank very little but was diagnosed with throat cancer at the base of my tounge. I had the radiation and neck disection also.

Mine started with the swollen lymph node, so you should have that checked out immediatly.


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I did not use tobacco to get my cancer at the base of my tongue. I was told that puts me in the minority for this type of cancer, but I have met people here and in person who are in the same situation. Do have your swollen lymph node checked out if you have not already done so. Mine started with lumps on both my tongue and my neck. I didn't really notice the one on the neck because it was covered with a beard at the time.


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