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Port sensations

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Whew, now this is feeling odd. Just had my surgery on the 22nd of July and the port feels soooo strange! Feels like it's going to pop out! It's a subclavicular and I've been trying to be careful to let it "set" but have been using the arm a bit...
Anybody have any insights? Will this sensation ease up? Yesterday it itched like mad but today it's so *THERE*... very odd indeed... I am seeing the Plastic Man and the Onc tomorrow... just feeling a bit odd right now.

Thanks so much to all for your wondrous support. You are all so divine!

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Hi Marty!

Insights..well not sure I have much in that department!

Mine has been in now since May and it still feels "strange" but I am more used to it now. At first I said it was like having a war wound- shrapnel in the area maybe? Not funny...

Mine seems to really project out of the skin once the swelling went down.

It will get better- give it time. You will be GLAD you have it!



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Hi again, I have a port also at the present time, yes it itches sometimes and feels funny, no big deal. Should ease up a little.
Love Emmi

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I received an e-mail from you and have sent you one back. I am sorry I did not respond sooner. I too have a port. I have a dual port so of course it takes two needles to flush. I have had it for 3 years. Most of the time I don't even know I have it. It becomes part of you. Some days especially when it is time to flush it it will ache. If I am horsing around and someone hits it of course, it hurts then but for the most part it is just there. I know you don't bellieve it now but you will get use to it and it is so convenient to have when it comes to chemo.

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