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Burkitt's Lymphoma

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I'm new to CSN, and am exploring the site.
I am 94 days post Autologous Stem Cell Transplant for Stage 4 Burkitt's Lymphoma.
I feel really pretty good these days, though I get tired and I'm still quite weak. My biggest challenge is gaining weight (at one point I was down 50 lbs.).
I'd be happy to talk with anyone about my experience - you can check out my personal web page...

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Scott, found this site late (now April '03) How are you doing now? I have "Burkitt's-Like"

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Hi -
My husband has burkitts like and is in the 3rd cycle of McGrath protocol.
How are you doing these days!

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My eleven year old son was diagnosed with stage four burkitts. Check out his web page and email me any time. Stay strong. www.webspawner.com/users/christophertheus/

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I hope you are doing great.
I want to share with you my brother was diagnosed with Burkitts December last year and we just finish 3rd cycle chemo. he is clear now after the second cycle, the CT shows nothing, clear. we have to finish 5 more cycles. My brother is now feeling so dizzy, headach and neusa after 3rd round. Please give me your experience. May gad bless you.thanks.

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Hi Scott,
My brother has Burkitt's and we are facing the possibility of a stem cell transplant. I would like to see your website, but wasn't sure how to find it. Thanks. HSeward

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