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Still feeling terrible!!When will I feel normal again????

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Hi, just wondered when I will feel normal(or seminormal again) I went to the neurologist a few weeks ago for the muscles aches and joint aches,tension headaches,etc.they have been constant for three months now..He put me on flexeral and some pain medicine but I still am in pain,I am ok somedays for a few hours then I'm drained and ache all over.I feel like I have the flu permantly, ..I am sorry I'm whining but I just need to vent. Thanks for listening.......god bless ,,karin

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Hi Karin,
I am not sure when you finished treatment but I know it took me a long time to not feel so tired out.Remember that chemo is a nasty drug but it is well worth it .It takes alot out of you thats for sure. I will be praying that you will be feeling better soon.We are all here for you so feel free to vent when you need to.
God Bless

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I felt the same as you descibe for 10 months or more after chemo. I went to a neurologist and that didn't help. I tell everyone to get a thyroid test. Aches and pains can come from low thyroid and chemo can lower your thyroid. After I got a good dose of synthroid for my thyroid my leg and foot pain disappeared. It did take a couple months to get the right dose. You'd be suprised all the problems a low thyroid can cause. Well ... good luck and keep on the sunny side! Jamie

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Hi Karin- sounds like you had taxol? i felt like you for several months. Its been about 10 months since my last treatment and I am feeling pretty much back to normal. you should start to feel a bit better every week quite soon. I also became impatient and wondered if I would ever feel well again. keep the faith- it will happen! Good Luck, Cathy

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It is ok karin and more need to admit that this is a struggle some of us face. I hope your symptoms don't last as long as mine have but I can tell you there is hope. I have felt like that for going on 6 years and have had to force feed myself most of that time. I felt ill before diagnosis and it continued long after treatments were completed. It has been 5 years since treatments completed and I had side affects from it all: surgery; chem; and radiation treatments. I am finally feeling some of the best days I can remember. I look back now and realize that I am starting to feel better than I have since long before my cancer ever diagnosed. They say you had cancer for many years if you can feel the lump. I am now in the best shape I have been in in more than 15 years. I am now beginning to enjoy this life of mine and only hope that others will too. Hang in there Karin. Your not going crazy it really does happen. Now consintrate on nutrition and getting some even though feel like ****. I beg you to drink it if you can't eat it. Good luck.

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