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Chemical Menopause

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I had breast cancer 5 years ago and it returned. After a mastectomy this time I was put on Arimidex and a shot every three months of Goserelin. This has put me in menopause abruptly. The hot flashes are the worst and also seem to be getting confused a lot. Anyone else having this treatment?

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While I am no expert, I do know of scientific studies which document that the decrease in estrogen does affect mental abilities. And apparently also the ability to remember names especially. Now at least I have an excuse for not seeming to remember anyone's name :)

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Oh no, I don't believe it. I think it is just stress from the cancer. I went through menopause without any hormones at all, in the vain hope I wouldn't get BC. HA. Just soldier through gals, this too will pass. Remember 99% of the world's women never even heard of estrogen! Hugs, Shirlann

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Hi, I had a mastectomy on my left breast in Feb.2000. After 8 cycles of chemo, I was put on Nolvadex and a Emantone shot every 3 months. Oncologist says I have only one more of Emantone left and then he'll take me off it. I'm 44 and going into early menopause is terrible. Hot flashes and night sweats are the worse along with facial hair and such. Now I'm on Arimidex and the hot flashes and sweats are a little less but always present. Guess I have to live with it but the important thing is that I live. Take care, hugs, Marie

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