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New Beginnings

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Joined: Apr 2002

Hi all, it does not feel like 2 years since I came to America with my husband and daughters but here we are ready to settle permanently. So much has happened. Who would have thought that two years down the line I would be minus my gall bladder, gall stones and my right breast!
We fly home[must stop saying that, N.C. is home now]today to clear our old house in Scotland and come back on the 10th.
I have found this site a great source of strength and just want to say thanks to you all. I'll try and log on in the midst of packing but if not I'll catch up when I get back.
Love Liza

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Hi Liza! I'm so excited for you. Best of luck in your new life! I will pray that all the flying and packing is done safely and you will return happy and start a healthy new life here! I'll be anxious to hear from you when you return. Good luck! Enjoy! HUGS!! Cathy

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Her's wishing you and your family a safe trip and a bright new beginning. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Judy

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Best wishes to a NEW BEGINNING.....Be safe and keep us up to date when you get back...
Hugs Emmi ( I am an immigrant too)

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