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Radiation and weight loss

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Well, I started my radiation treaments yesterday. I am also trying to lose weight..Has anyone had problems with weight gain during radiation. I have 29 more treatments to go, so I want to know what to look out for. Thanks for everyone's support. This is a great site to "talk" with people. Dharma

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I didn't notice any weight gain during radiation treatments. I gained some weight during chemo, and some more since I've been taking tamoxifen. Neenie

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Hi, no weight gain during radiation, some after chemo. Best wishes....Emmi

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Joined: May 2002

I have been working on losing weight and the nurse told me yesterday after my raidiation treatment that they don't want me losing weight during this time. Has anyone heard of this, other than losing due to loss of appetite or nausea? I'm a little confused.

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I gained weight during chemo and with Tamoxifen. I do remember the nurses not wanting you to gain or lose much weight during radiation. I think it has something to do with the radiation dosage. It is calculated on your body mass etc. Radiation should not make you gain weight ... unless like me you were tired and didn't do your usual activities (and ate ice cream a little to often). I am now stuggling to get the weight off ... it is really hard. Good luck!

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I have been losing weight steadily since my diagnosis at the end of May. Two surgeries and 7 radiation treatments later I am down 16 pounds. The nurses fuss at me every day, but I'm not trying. Since the beginning of radiation my stomach is even more upset. They think a small bit of radiation is hitting it.

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lost mucho weight (down to 101 lbs @ 5'5")during radiation - never a problem with gain - zero appetite (o.k. a bit different since lung not breast & radiation impacted throat). They don't want you losing weight because they want you to get ample nutrition as your body fights the cancer.

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