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Treatment for pancreatic cancer spead to liver

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my husband had a wipple procedure and he was getting ready for radiation and chemo when they did the ct scan they found a spot on his liver. They want him to go in a study for a new drug it is called alimta plus gemzar has anyone had this treatment? They also told him that the operation was a success and everything was clean. They were going to give radiation and chemo pump just for precaution. That was blown out the window when they took the ct scan as they can't give radiation on the liver..It is a toss of the coin weather he gets both drugs or just the Gemzar. Please if you know anything about this drug please send e-mail to bellemare@cybertours.com Thank you PB

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My father was involved in a study of Gemzar and exatecan. He experienced positive results after only 2 rounds then his cancer was stable then he experienced peripheral neuropathy which left him unable to walk and then he was terminal. Please find out the results of the study before going ahead. Pancreatic cancer is aggressive and is unresponsive to most chemotherapies. They found it on my Dad's liver when they were about to do the whipple. Once it spreads it is hard to contain. There are many immunotherapy options that are less toxic and have had more positive results. If I had my Dad back I would have taken him for alternative treatment. Research all you can because once you chose a treatment it's hard to switch to another. Good site www.lef.org ; Dr. Kelley's book (One answer to cancer, used pancreatic enzymes to cure his pancreatic cancer);www.alternative-cancer.net

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