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Good Thoughts

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Dear Friends:
This morning has been a time of remembering good thoughts and wanting to share them with you. What started this process was thinking about my dear grandmother who has been gone for 32 years now. She was a wise lady and I loved her dearly. When I was a teenager and would be fussing about not having more material things, she would love to quote this - I knew a boy who cried because he had no shoes, until he saw a boy who had no feet. She tried very hard to make us appreciate all the wonderful things we did have and not worry about the rest. Then I found the following article, and wanted to share this, too:
"Don't waste a day worrying about the trivial:
I used to get upset over a bad hair day - until chemo made be bald.
I used to get upset if I didn't have the right outfit to wear - until chemo made me too weak to get dressed.
I used to get upset because my car wasn't new enough - until chemo made me too tired to drive.
I used to get upset because there didn't seem to be enough hours in a day to get things done - until chemo isolated me.
I used to get upset over my mother interfering in my life, and now I miss her so since death took her away.
I appreciate and validate those I love each and every day by always saying "I love you"; and then feeling God's love surrounding me..
I don't let the trivial worries bother me any more in any way!"

I thought some of you could appreciate this as much as I do. Also, some time last year I shared a story with you that a lady had written about the way her bc diagnosis had changed her attitude, it was a very touching story, but the one part that was so simply put, but meant so much was her telling about getting up at night and stepping on her child's leggo block or matchbox car and how she would snatch it up and throw it at the toy box (many of us have done this) - then if this happened after her dx. she would pick up the offending toy and think how clever someone was to make such wonderful toys and placed it back in the toy box. I know this puts anger management at its simplist, but she applied this attitude to the bigger problems in her life, also. It is so wonderful for us in this journey when we can appreciate and validate all the priceless things we have - that cancer can't take away. One of my favorites is the friends I have found that I would not have known except for bc. I would not have known all the courageous and inspiring people on this site. Life can be so awesome, IF we allow it to be.
Excuse the length this has turned into, but I just felt like sharing these thoughts. You are always in my thoughts and prayers.
Love and hugs,
Don't waste a day

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Thanks Brenda, very inspiring. I printed your post and will take it to work as a reminder. I know I too have changed, I enjoy the little things and do not worry about the trivial little things anymore. I have learned to exept this desease and try to make the best of it. I thank God each and every day for giving me the chance to be a better person, without Gods help and the help of my hubby, the Docs and devoted nurses and some close friends I would'nt be where I am today. Thanks for reminding us, life is precious.Lots of love and hugs... Emmi

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Your thoughts really touched me, thank you for sharing, made me stop and think.
Your Grandma was a very smart lady.
Love, hugs and prayers--Flo

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Beautiful post Brenda! Thanks for the inspiration! I feel like cancer has taught me so much. I want to stay well, but I don't want to lose those lessons. I hope by continuing to come here and read messages like yours, I'll remember what's really important and forget the trivial annoyances.


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