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Heavenlee, how is Skylar now?

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Hi, I was just thinking about you and hoping that Skylar is continuing to improve - Diane

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Hi Diane,
Well, he actually got a feeding tube put in today. He keeps losing weight, not eating all his food and started kinda throwing up some of his feedings. I hope this helps him. Docs thinking the chemo might have not let his stomach mature totally, no way of really finding that out. I am just tired and want my baby home and healthy. Thanks for asking about him. It means alot :-)
Take care and will keep you informed.
Love, Angel

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Hi Angel, sorry to hear Skylar is not home yet.It must be very hard on you. I am sure the Docs are doing everything they can to help him , I hope it will not be much longer before he will be able to eat and keep his feedings down. Hang in there Angel, my thoughts and prayers are with and your baby. Love Emmi

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I'm so sorry Skylar isn't home yet. I know how hard it is to be patient. The feeding tube should help give him the strength he needs to get well and come home. Thanks for letting us know how things are going. Take care - Diane

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Hi Angel, must be rough on you all this but you be strong and have faith in all those who are helping your baby. I'm sure all will go well and he'll be home in no time. I'll always keep both of you in my prayers. Hugs, Marie

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Hi Angel,

Skyler, you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. I pray that the feeding tube brings him the nourishment that he needs to strenghten and to come home.

Love, prayers and hugs,


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