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Question about radiation effects

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I just started radiation this past week, on Wednesday. After just two days, my bra was far too tight to wear. I had to get bra extenders and it is over a 3+ inch increase. Did this happen to anyone else? I asked at my appointment on Friday; the nurse said it always happens, but "not usually this soon." She also said eventually I will not be able to wear a bra. The marking ink is already all over my clothes. Anyone have tricks to get it out? I have already tried bleach and "oxyclean." Will my chest continue to expand? Does it decrease after the treatments are over? Also already my skin (especially near the scar) itches, but when I try to lightly scratch it itches.
Anything anyone can share is much appreciated.

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Georgeann -- I am surprised at the increase in your chest size. You usually want to wear a soft bra during radiation because your skin is extra sensitive -- not because of chest expansion. You may be experiencing some lymphadema. I think I would question my surgeon/oncologist about this. I found that Vitamin E cream in the a.m. and p.m. and also stretching exercises seemed to help quite a lot. Good luck. Treatment will be finished soon!

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Surprised that your bra is so tight already.
Check with your Doc. re: fluid build-up. The itching is anoying, ask them for ointment, I recd. AQUAPHOR, seem to work pretty good. Skin was pink but not to bad, no pain. The ink on the bra comes out pretty good with BIZ, soak overnight in warm BIZ solution. I had two older bras I kept aside for the radiation purpose. Make sure the bra is rinsed extra good, might irritate your skin otherwise. Hope this helps. Take care ... Emmi

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Hmmm......I'm halfway through radiation - had my 18th treatment Friday, but my bra is not tight. I do have an ointment that the doctor prescribed called topicort that I apply 2X daily. I'm turning a little pink and have one pretty sore burn under my breast but that's it. Diane

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Oops, I forgot to say. I got the tatoos, so the marking ink isn't an issue for me.

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