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Skylar still not home.

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Hi everyone,
Just wanted to update you all. Skylar is now a week old and still not home. It is just taking so dang long. My hubby and I are getting a bit mad but..we know he is in there for a reason and is in good hands. He is eating more each day and should be off his antibiotic today. We are hoping by this weekend he can come home. As for me, I am doing better. Can't complain.:-)
THANK YOU all for all your messages. I really enjoyed reading them. They really lifted my spirits. You guys are the best. I mean that. I will keep you all posted.
Love, Angel

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It won't be long now because Skylar also needs to come home to you and feel the love you and your husband will surround him with. He sounds like he is doing very well for a kid with alittle harder time in his mother. I don't doubt he wondered what the hell was going on in there as they gave you things to kill your cancer cells. I think that in itself says allot about you and your new son Skylar. Soon you will be together and you all will hard not to be apart from one another again. Thanks for letting us know Angel and I do hope you are taking the time for yourself.
We think you are pretty fantastic too,

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Hang in there Angel, He'll be home in your arms before you know it. God be with you, your hubby, and baby Skylar. LOVE AND PRAYERS--------Flo

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Thanks for the update, be patient, he is in good hands. Soon he will be home, it gives you a chance to rest a bit. My thoughts and prayers are with you angel. God bless you and your family. Love Emmi

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I hope Skylar is home soon. My son came home when he was 10 days old. There's something very special about kids that have kind of a rough start. I can't explain to you exactly what it is, but mine is now 16 and he still melts my heart on a daily basis.
Hang in there - Diane

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Hi Angel,
It won't be long and you will have that little bundle of joy home with you and your hubby.Glad to hear that you are doing well.I will be praying that Skylar will be home soon.You take care and keep us posted.
God Bless

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hiya, Angel,
glad to hear Skylar is still improving and i hope he'll be able to come soon. stay strong. God bless. Vicki :)

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