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Results from Scope

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Well, ladies, had the "scope" this morning. The doctor said that my esophagus looks fine but that I have a hiatal hernia and she found polyps in my stomach. It will be a few days before we know anything about the polyps. Also, due to alot of bloating and painful gas pains I have been experiencing, she wants to do a colonoscopy. (goodie) So, I feel a little more at ease but will not be comfortable until I get all of the results in.
Thank you for your kindness and support..you are the greatest!

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Hi Mel,
At 40-50 they say we all need to have collon oscaposcopy because of chances for cancer. I had one and it is doable, just not pretty. I am glad I had it done and know everything is ok in there since I too have had so many bowl and stomach problems. I still am having problems eating but manage to keep nutrition flowing in liquid form. Glad to hear they are going to check to be sure that is all any of us can hope for. Sounds like you too have good doctor taking interest in your case.
Hang in there you are almost done,
Be good to yourself,

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Hi Mel I have had the scope done a couple of times and they found polyps in my stomach each time They were clear and I was told that stomach polyps are rarely cause for concern. Hope this is your case. I also have a hiatus hernia,thats what took me to the doc. in the first place, and find Nexium wonderful. Its like a miracle drug for me.By the way my gastrologist wants me to have a colonoscopy as well but has agreed to wait till next year as I just couldn't face any more tests.
Good luck Liza

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Hi Mel, haven't experienced what you have, but had a colonoscopy last Sept., was not bad at all, no pain. Was tired afterward and slept. Its the preparation that's the hard part. But overall not to bad. My hubby is scheduled in Oct. for one.Best wishes....Emmi

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