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I'm home, but not with my baby.

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Hi Everybody,
Well, my c-section went well. Had trouble finding veins for IV... Oncologist said should of just used portacath..didn't even think of that...duh.. Got my port accessed though my last day there. I got released yesterday (Sun) around lunch time. My little baby boy, born 5 lbs. 12 oz, 18.5 inches, had to stay behind. He is really in good shape, he was not keeping any food down. He has finally started as of yesterday so we shall see when he can come join us. His name is Skylar Christopher. He is precious. He has more hair than me and is adorable. :-).. Just wanted to let you all know and to thank you for all your prayers and thoughts.
Love, Angel

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CONGRATULATIONS on the birth of your beautiful baby boy. What a nice name! I hope he improves quickly so he can come home soon. I'll be praying for his quick improvement and your speedy recovery. Take care! Keep us informed on his progress(yours too!).. HUGS!! Cathy

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Hi, Wow. Congratulations! I love his name as well. Very unique. I wish you well. Take lots of photos with the hair on both of you. Someday you'll laugh about it. Thanks for the update.

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Whoopee, a beautiful baby boy! CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES FOR A LONG AND HAPPY LIFE! You are in my prayers and I am so glad to hear from you, hugs to you both! Shirlann

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Angel, he sounds adorable..what a miracle they are...I will keep him in my prayers that he will be home with you soon. Its great to hear that you're doing well. Take care of yourself and god bless you and Skylar Christopher...Karin

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congratulations. god bless you and little Skylar.

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Congratulations! I love his name. I know how hard it is to have to leave your baby behind when you leave the hospital. I had to do that with my now 16 year old VERY healthy son. We'll be sending positive thoughts and prayers and hoping Skylar is home very soon!! Diane

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Congratulations!!! Im so glad you are weel, know you cant wait to get you little bunle home. Take advatage of this time and get lots of rest.
Thinking of you,

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I was just thinking about you and the baby and low and behold - you answered my question. It was so good to hear from you and to hear your good news. By now Skylar might be home with you. I know it was hard leaving him there in the hospital on Sunday, but he just needed a few more days. Give him a hug and a kiss from all of us.

God Bless,

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Congradulations Angel,
I am so happy for you and glad they kept him till he is eating. Gives you a little time to take care of yourself for his arrival home. Thanks for letting us know Angel we knew you could do it. I love his name and boy did you work hard for this one Angel. Now enjoy that little bundle of yours.
Love to you all,

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hiya, Angel!
glad to hear all is well. sooooooooo tiny!!! mine was never that little. he started out 9 lbs 2 oz and 21 in and he kept going. he's now 9 mo and almost 26 lbs and has 6 teeth. i'm praying that Skylar will continue to improve and come home soon. meanwhle, you rest. God bless. Vicki :)

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Best healing and happiness vibes coming your way Angel!
Wow, what a wonderful message to get going with today. All the best to you and your enlarged family!
Be well, have fun! Enjoy!!!


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Congrats!!! Sending many goods thoughts and prayers your way for you and your new addition!! The best of luck to your family!

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Congratulations !!!!! Sounds like a beautiful Baby boy. Gald you are doing OK.Hope Skylar will join you soon at home.God bless you both. Hugs and lots of love Emmi

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FANTASTIC!!! Children are a gift from GOD. I know you will treasure him always. Spoil him also, they don't stay little very long.That is a beautiful name, what will you call him?
I am glad you are doing well. will keep you both in my prayers. LOVE, HUGS AND GOD BLESS YOU---FLO

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I too wish you all the best. Having a child is a renewal of life. Do take lots of pictures.

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