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Tram Flap

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I am interested in hearing from anyone who has had tram flap reconstruction surgery. I had the surgery in February 2002 and now the area around navel protrudes. My clothing no longer fits as it has added about 6 inches to my waist size. . Has anyone else had this happen? Do you know why? Is there any help for it? I really appreciate any answers. I am very frustrated by this. Thanx!

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Hi! I had the Tram Flap in Sept. 2000. I've lost inches in my abdomen. It's possible the protrusion is a hernia. Have you been to your MD? Sounds like that's what needs to be done. I would think that if that's what it is, they could repair it. I have mesh in my abdomen placed there during surgery to prevent the area from herniating. Good luck! Let us know what happens! HUGS!! Cathy

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I had tram flap in March and lost inches round my waist and abdomen,ONE DRESS SIZE. I did have a problem for a few weeks with fluid collecting to one side of my navel and the Doc was able to draw of the fluid very easily and with no great discomfort to me, thank goodness. Another possible as Cathy mentioned is hernia so you must discuss this with you Doc. Good luck and let us know how you get on
Love Liza

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Hi, I had a Tram Flap in may 1999. At first I was not able to fit into my clothes, Doc.told me it will take a few month for swelling to subside. I am fine now and lost inches. Like the others I had mesh put in where the muscle was. You might have fluid in that area near the bellybutton, better check with your Doc. Can be aspirated. Be patient, it will get better. Take care...Love Emmi

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Thanx for your responses. I too had mesh put in and it really shouldn't be herniated. I have been working out more strenouously in hopes that it'll help. You don't think 5months is too long to be waiting for swelling to subside?

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Hi! I had TrAM flap reconstruction and had to have it removed as it died...but my abdomen is quite a bit smaller as they do a "tummy tuck" since they had to take out the tissues from there. Just at the end of a long day, my belly sticks out a bit more I think that is because of the muscles not being there anymore so I have poor muscle control. I have heard about on this web chat and did buy, these things called "flexies"...they are very supportive almost like a girdle and found them helpful at first but, now they are pinching,rolling,uncomfortable. Hope this answers what you wanted...best of luck to you! Linda

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