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Thank you ladies!

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Hi there,
I have been away for awhile....a year and half ago I had a mastectomy due to DCIS...went on Tomoxefin and was in here all the time with questions and you wonderful ladies were such a support to me. I also have MS and my struggle to function with it has been my focus these past months.

My husband was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and will undergo surgery to remove his prostate on Aug. 28th. I have been chatting with people in the Prostate cancer section and they have been very supportive, letting us know what to expect, etc.

However, I wanted to come back and say hello to you and let you know that I have always kept you in my prayers and hope you'll do the same for us. I am in awe of the courage you all show in your fight to kill this beast and I wanted to thank you for being such an inspiration to me.
God bless you! Dee

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god bless you both. I will keep you in my prayers. having a supportive husband is a great gift from God and I know that you both will support each other. take care and keep us posted.

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Thank you so much for your prayers and support. We know we have been blessed with wonderful family and friends and are so thankful for that. We will definitely keep you posted. God bless! Dee

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My thoughts and prayers are with you both and wish life wasn't so cruel but none of us seem to be spared from life's harsh realities. Glad to hear you're doing so well Dee, keep on, KEEPING ON.
Be good to yourself always,

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Thank you Tara, You are so right! We count our blessings and will definitely keepon KEEPING ON! Bless you! Dee

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So sorry about your husband. I never thought of cancer as "the beast", but I like the analogy. It really fits. Today I was thinking of a book I read more than 20 years ago. It kept referring to cancer as "the big C", not talked about, hidden. Look at how far we've come! So sad for those before us, without the technology and knowledge WE have. Thanks for thinking of us sisters. I wish you the best of luck, and will add you to my prayer list.

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Thank you! Your message really hit home for me. In our lifetime things have changed so radically. In my own family my oldest half sister had breast cancer 45 years ago and they did a double mastectomy, also removing most of her chest and arm muscles and did a hysterectomy.....that was the way things went then....however, she is alive and kicking at 85 so we thank God for what they did. When she had her surgery it was NEVER discussed.....in fact my grandmother would never even say the word "pregnant".....so I have no idea what our family history of breast cancer truly is...since my mom and grandparents, aunts, etc. have passed on, taking that information with them.
I am greatful that I was able to go through the breast cancer genetic testing for my daughters and grandgirls.....and was surprised to see I was not a carrier of the gene? We were so surprised when my husband's urologist told us the prostate cancer he has could mean our girls are more at risk for breast cancer, so they get it from both sides! Your prayers are appreciated and God bless you too! Dee

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