Need Opinion on Headaches.

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Will someone please respond to my concern. I am having headaches most days, wake up with them. Had NSClung cancer surgery in December, 01. One positive lymph node, although doctors thought it early stage and did not recommend chemo. Is a recurring low grade headache a sympton of brain cancer? I've had this for at least a month. Thanks.


  • rob1126
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    hello, i am a braintumor survivor. my name is robert. at the time before diagnosis. i was falling asleep alot. in the years 4-5 before i was diagnosed, i did have multiple head aches for years. i had balance problems for years, i never thought anything of it, till someone called it to my attention. that someone was my 11th grade teacher, who was a brain tumor survivor as well. i do not mean to scare you, the best way to get your answer is go have a catscan of your head. i am open to discussion about whatever you want. my life is cancer, i love talking about it, i can be a friend, pen pal, or just someone to talk to. that is if u want. my email is : [email protected]

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    I had very slight symptoms before being diag with brain tumor. I was one week from a comma and 6 weeks from death. My advice is get an MRI now. If it is negative; you can celebrate in your over-reaction.