Lung Resection

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I had lung resection surgery last December. It's now 6 mos. later and I'm still have a lot of pain - I'm saying bunches. I would like some feedback from others who've had this surgery. I have read some messages and it appears most have not experienced serious pain problems.


  • mbsurvivor
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    I had a resection then a lobectomy of my left upper lobe on 08/14/00. I still have minor pain but the pain you are talking about lasted almost a year. Do you have numbness in the front of your chest where the surgery was performed? I still have some numbness and it has almost been two years now.
  • mbsurvivor
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    I meant to tell you about a online support chat room. In MSN it is in health and medicine. The name of it is Real Cancer Support. There is someone there almost 24/7. You will find some real helpful and supportive people there.
  • bobz1
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    I had both lungs cut upon 10 years ago.I am now cancer free, but in constant managable pain.what a trade off....But I am alive. When I feel the pain a smile goes across my face, cause I know im still here to feel it,an I give thanks....I hope that helped answer your question
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    We share some things. I also had NSCLC surgery in December '01. Upper left lobe resected. One positive lymph node, stage IIB, no chemo recommended. Would like to know these facts concerning you. I still have pain from muscle spasms in the left shoulder (from trauma during surgery) at times, not constantly. I am also concerned about having headaches most days, since I never had them before, and brain tumors are a natural progression. Any feedback from anyone on these headaches? Also, I'll be glad to email you direct if you wish so we can compare notes.
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    I'm sorry to hear about your continuing pain.
    I had a double lobectomy in late October and
    had a lot of pain, especially at the bottom
    of my rib cage on that side, until late in the
    spring. I still have some pain, but less--it's not severe and not constant. I hope we
    both improve!