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death of loved one

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My husband, age 53, passed away on June 24 from Adenocarcinoma of the gastricintestional system. He was diagnosed on Feb 14 and only lasted 4 mos. He lost 75 lbs in that 4 months and only weighed 95 lbs at his death.

This is a terrible time for any of us who lose loved ones to this terrible disease. My prayers are with all of you caring for your loved ones.

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Hi my aunt died 10/00 of that same cancer it was so ramped thru her body they didnt know the primary site my mom was diagnose with small cell lung cancer in 9/00 and the whole family was reeling about that and about 2 weeks later her older sister got sick and died in about 10 days of diagnosis, I guess be glad you had the 4 months... my mom died of her small cell 5/9/02 she lasted 18 months. take care, Sandy, I know it's not easy my mom was 57.

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My father also died of adenocarcinoma only 7 weeks after diagnosis. He also lost alot of weight, he was down to approx 85 lbs. I was glad he didn't linger and suffer long term. Please read in gallery "May I GO Now". It really made me feel better. Sorry for last entry -- oops.

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My husband, age 30 passed away On March 31, 2003 from complication after a bone marrow transplant. We spent almost two years in and out of hospitals, it has been 16 months now and it stll seems like yesterday. I am trying to cope as best as I can could someone answer me and tell me if it gets easier or not.

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