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PET scan results from Carolyn

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Hi everyone,
First I want to thank everyone for the support and prayers sent my way. Heard yesterday from my onc. that the PET scan was negative, meaning the nodule in my right lung is not malignant. That's the best news that's been given to me since all this cancer started in January. BC(lumpectomy) on Jan14, 02, then left lobe in lungs removed on April for lung cancer. Will have another CT scan in 3 months to check the nodule again.
Will try to take one day at a time and go on with my life, even with the knowledge that I will be having to go through more tests every 3 months.
I appreciate all the caring responses to my posts.

Hugs from Carolyn

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hiya, Carolyn,
what great news!!! the day my onc told me that the spot in my stomach was gone and i needed no more chemo was the best i'd had since my son was born. i know how you feel. God bless. Vicki :)

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Just wanted to say congratulations! That is the kind of news we all pray for - so glad you got to hear it!
God bless,

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yeah!!!!way to go!!I will pray that all your tests are all good news. PRAISE THE LORD!!

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Glad to hear the good news.God does take care of us all. We'll keep on praying for the next 3 month.
Love Emmi

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Thank God!!! That is wonderful news!! You do learn to take one step at a time, don't you? But it's so much easier to do when you get good news once in awhile!! I am sooooo happy for you! God bless, Cyndi

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