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bone surgery postponed ....

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hi all ... thanks for all the messages wishing me luck on the bone surgery ... however it has been postponed ... my 8 year old son was in a golf cart accident wednesday ... fractured his skull, major concussion, the whole bit ... he's been in ICU all week ... finally got to go home to my dad's house (we had been vacationing) ... but will have to wait another 4-5 days before we make the 6 hour journey home ... it's been a rough week ... but he's going to recover fully, just gonna take a while ... once i get him better, i'll reschedule that stupid bone resection surgery ... in the meantime ... hope all is well with you guys ... i haven't been on since the accident .... but i think about everybody often .... hugs and kisses, angie

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hiya, Angie,
sorry to hear about the accident but GLAD to hear that he's going to be ok. i'll be thinking of you and your family. God bless. Vicki :)

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Oh Angie, I'm so sorry about your son. Do you believe in God? If so, this is when you have to lean on him the hardest. Will pray for you and him. Good luck.

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You have been through so much I am sorry to hear about your son's accident but very glad that he will recover and be OK. He was fortunate that you were all around him in his time of need. I am sorry this would happen on your family vacation. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family, Angie,

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Geez Angie - you definitely have more than your share going on. I'm so glad your son is going to be okay. Take care of yourself.
I'll be sending positive thoughts. - Diane

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Hi Angie,
Glad to hear that your son will be OK. It was fortunate that you were at your dad's house so you had lots of support during this time. Hope it was towards the end of your vacation. Still wishing you luck on your bone surgery whenever that is.

Hugs from Carolyn

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For crying out loud Angie, one thing at a time. The Sat. before I started rads my 43 year old son (who is a very cautious driver) with his whole family (fortunately all in seat belts) rolled down a cliff on some black ice and they were all fine but he is 6'4" and the roof of the truck caved in on him broke his neck in 3 places, V1,2,3, same as Christopher Reeve, broke his jaw, scalped his head, etc., etc. it took the EMT's 3 hours to get him up the mountain. He was frigging lucky, he is not paralyzed, has recovered fully, but with his spectacular halo screwed to his head, got all the sympathy and I could not show anyone my breast scars! Soooo, I was most pissed to be pushed aside so rudely when I wanted all the attention! Hummph. I see your family is just as considerate. Did you hear about the pastor's wife who went to the local pet store and asked if she could buy 10 rats, 42 mice and 237 cockroaches. The pet store guy, said, sure, but I don't have the cockroaches, what do you want these things for? She said, well the congregation wants my husband to resign as minister and told us they want the parish to be "just as we found it". ha ha ha. Good luck to you dear girl, you are a sweetie and always in my thoughts. (I just know the lump is nothing) Gentle hugs from your friend, Shirlann

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Am so sorry about your son. but PRAISE THE LORD THAT HE WILL BE OK. LOVE , HUGS AND PRAYERS----------FLO

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I am so sorry about your son. I hope he is doing better and continues on a road to recovery everyday. I will keep him and YOU in my prayers.
My big day is soon approaching and am getting a bit nervous. Hope to talk to you soon.
Love, Angel

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