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One year out & anxious about scans

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Well, it's been one year since I finished chemo and Tuesday a.m I go in for all of my scans. I am so anxious! I was completely clear after chemo but if I sit and ponder this I find myself thinking what in the world I will do if there is a recurrence? I am praying and I know that my faith has carried me this far. I would appreciate your prayers on Tuesday morning. Also any advice on learning how not to obsess everytime I have to have an xray of any sort!

Thank all of you for your support and love over the last year and half. My heart and my prayers are with each and every one of you.

Mel in AR

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Hi Mel,
I understand just how you feel I will be two years out of treatment in Nov. 2002 and I still get nervous about the scan and mamograms.My thoughts and prayers will be with you as you go for your scans on Tuesday.May God give you peace through it all.I will be going away for a week, but I will check to see how you make out when I return.My faith is what got me through it, with the Lord by my side all the way.
God Bless

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Thank you for your response..I really appreciate your support. I will post a message with the results.

God Bless you!


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Spend our lives being axious about what could possibly be in our futures. The key to living a good life is to be able to live in the good and the bad, balance in our lives. It is hard to believe that we should find some comfort in our tragidies but I look at my son who is a young man and realize that he would not be the person he is today if it hadn't been for some of the bad he has survived through. We all find our way and find ways to cope with all we have been given. I refuse to think about reoccurances because I live in the now and let the reality engulf me. Doctor's would try to make me think that some of this pain and trouble is due to my mind and my being anxious. I now realize that all I have is today and each day I am given. That is it that is all, I am grateful for every breath I have. There are no gaurantees in life whether we have cancer or not. Life goes on with or without us and choose to be on the train of life.

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Hi Mel, I finished my last radiation (had radiation AFTER chemo) 1 yr. ago also. We must be close in time range. My faith also carried me through. I got to witness in the hospital and some miracles happened too. If you ever want to talk just e-mail me. Good luck, and will pray tomorrow a.m. for you.

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Hi Mel, I will be thinking of you tomorrow, best wishes. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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Hi Mel,wishing you all the luck on the results of your tests.
know that you will be in my prayers.
GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU!!! love and hugs---Flo

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