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lump discovered on neck

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My general practitioner found a lump in my neck near the clavicle yesterday. He is sending me to an ears nose and throat doctor. I am not confident that this is the type of doctor to see. Any suggestions?

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yes you are in the right direction with the ENT people the area you have trouble in is covered first by ENT and second by Neurology, good luck Jerri

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If my lymph node in my neck haddent swelled I probably wouldn't be here now. But they did a biopsy found cancer in the lymph and then went looking for a primary, finally my ENT found a couple of masses way back on the base of my tonge. Now every thing is ok except my teeth, the radiation burnt out all of my teeth. (read my tooth thingy.) Monty L. (wemo69)

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Yes, the ENT doctor would be the first step. Good luck at your appointment.

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