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weird mole

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I went to check out this mole on my face that keesp growing has irregular border and gets red and itchy. MN said don't worry about it, and didn't even make get into a paper gown, it took less than a minute.
the mole appeared after a second degree sunburn two years ago and since then it keeps growing.
should i get a second opinion?

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Hi cozmo,

It's great that you are following up and questioning your health care providers. Based on my recent experience, I think getting a second opinion would be a good idea.

I had a weird mole on my neck too. It started growing, had an irregular border, it bled once and it felt itchy. Since I have had a lot of sun exposure and I am fair skinned, I went to my primary care physician and requested that it be taken off and biopsied (lots of my family have had cancer so my mind was made up on removing the mole before I walked into my doctor's door). He agreed and sent me to a surgeon who removed the mole. The biopsy report came back with a diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma. At this point I am seeing a dermatologist every three months to ensure that any further possible skin cancer lesions will be caught early. I feel VERY LUCKY that my mole was taken off and biopsied. My situation would be much more serious if I had found out about my cancer when it was in a more advanced stage. Based on this experience I would recommend that you get a second opinion and ask to have the mole biopsied to check for cancer. If the lab report comes back negative for cancer then think of the relief that you will have! If the lab report comes back with bad news then you can start further treatment ASAP (if necessary)and improve your odds of a full recovery.

If I can answer any other questions about what happened with my mole or if you just want to talk, you can post something for me here or send me an email at my email address: belle20904@yahoo.com.

Best wishes,

Belle 20904

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