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back to work?

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my dr just released me to go back to work and i'm still fatiged... also i just started deproluprin for fibroids that i'm going to have to have surgery for after a dye x-ray and pre op appt.thats 3 days i have to miss 1/2 a day already....i'm still on morphine for leg pain that stopped on june first.( i am to taper my self off on my own and im down to 30 mg now)..three days before all this cramping and bleeding started that the gyno says is from the fibroids...i've read here where alot of you went to work even during chemo... it helps me to read this, but i just don't feel and haven't been able to be active for an 8 hour day ...why do they have to cut off my sdi and what if i can't pull through a full 40 hour week? i guess all i can do is try.. any input would be appreciated.....thanks everyone.....kathy

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Sorry to hear you are not up to working a full 40 hrs. Maybe you can work something out where you work. I did. At present I am going though chemo and work part time, about 25 hours. My doctor stated in my release "to work according to her condition". When I have chemo I work only 2 days, the other weeks 3-4 days, about 6 hrs per day. I work at a bank and I am able to sit ay desk, which helps. I hope you can work something out. I wish you good luck, hang in there,take care...hugs...Emmi

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I took 7 weeks off and returned working 4 days, 6 hours a day. I came home, took a rest/nap and that's how I got through my evenings. If you have to ask people to help food shop, etc., I'm sure they wouldn't mind. Most people want to help, and don't know how.

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Interesting Kathy that you have been on morphine and now going back to work, I hope that you too have a desk job because some of us could never return to our jobs because of a very physical nature. One thing I have found out about pain is that one can hardly think let alone conduct a productive days work. I am now returning to owrk in a couple of weeks now that my pain has subsided and body use to meds, methadone here. I am now just starting to get over constant nausea something that makes eating a challenge. Force feeding is something I excell in. Sick people don't usually like eating, especially when makes them sicker.
Good luck with the job and be sure you do what you can not what is expected. You still have to keep taking care of yourself cause if you don't no one else will.
Be good to yourself always,

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