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Anyone have normal bloodwork, but BC spread somewhere else?

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I went in to my oncologist and showed him a lump forming on my chest. It is not in my breast. He said it is on the chest wall or rib. My bloodwork came back normal. Anyone else have something like this?

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as a matter of fact nothing showed up in any of my blood work that was done. Yet I had breast cancer and it had spread to lymphnodes. I had a lump but since I wasn't sick they felt it was a fibrous cyst. I moved and within 7 months another lump grew this time in my armpit it took only a week to get to the size of a golf ball. Not all tumours meet the tumour marker criteria. In the criteria my cancer didn't meet any of the margins that they had in place. I fought every step of the way to try and prolong my life as long as possible. That is truly all that we can do.
Welcome to our site, I am sorry I missed you in chat your name there but away and then gone. Hope to chat with you soon.
Be good to yourself,

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How interesting. My doctor seemed proud in the fact that my bloodwork all came back within the norms. Then I had him feel the growth on my chest. He immediately wanted me to see my surgeon. The nurse was the one who mentioned biopsy. I was disappointed in him, that as soon as he felt it, and suggested the surgeon, he was out of the room in a flash. The meeting with the surgeon is on the 11th. 9 days after I showed him the lump.
Thank you for welcoming me. I had tried many times before, but I got bummed out. It was like I didn't want to rehash the stuff I went through. If I read everyone else's words, I'd remember. But, I guess I've gotten over that and want to give whatever I have to those that are coming after me.

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Hi, when I was diagnosed this last Feb.with DCIS, my bloodwork was normal. Biopsy showed the tru colors. Malignant. I don't want to scare you,but would think your Doc.wants a biopsy or other scans done. Best wishes... Emmi

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