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abnormal paps

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my last two past have come back abnormal but the doctors told me that it was due to having a yeast infection. After veiwing several different website containing info on cervical cancer, reading stories of people having several pap smears come back abnormal than finally being diagnosised will cancer. Maybe I'm just being parinoided, but I don't want to ever have my cancer reoccur. And I'm not being told why I keep getting yeast infections, but aren't showing any physical signs of having one. Does any body have any suggestions or insight for me.

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If you douche with vinigar/water on a regular basis and have no outward symptoms I'd find another doctor! I was told by a doctor that not having a regular period was no big deal. The new doctor I went to told me that that is not true. And could be a sign of displasia or cancer of the cervix or uterus. Women who do not have a regular period-skipping three or four months at a time-are 85% more likely to have abnormal paps, displasia, and Cervical and uterine cancer.

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Contact another doctor, it is true that abnormal periodsare a sign of displasia. There is hope!!!!!I I am a survivor of 23 years Back then, not that much was known compared to today...I had the suspicious cells found in the pap, had the cauterization, waited too long for another opinion,until the only option was surgery...I urge you to run, not walk to another care-provider, and do everything that you can for you, and your health.

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