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latissimus dorsi flap or tram flap?

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Will be having bilateral mastectomy/breast reconstruction done together and wondering which procedure to do: tram flap or latissumus dorsi flap? Need all inputs, feelings, personal decisions you all made that led to your choice prior to surgery to help me make mine. Physical looks/Quality of life are some things I'm looking after surgery and beyond will help as well but your inputs from Discussion group are valuable. Thank you Pamrtrn

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Hi I went for tram flap. Had the operation on 27th March this year and have no regrets at my choice. I did not want implants which was the main factor governing the decision. It was the best thing I could have done. Everything went by the book, I feel great and my tummy is flatter than it has been since my older daughter was born 19 years ago! I know we are all different but tram flap was right for me. Good luck with whatever choice you make
Love Liza.

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I am scheduled to have tram flap on the 16th. They will clip my artery on the 10th. I feel like this is the right decision. But just kinda wanted to know what the recovery time is like. thank you, Carolyn

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Hi I had the Tram Flap 3 yrs ago, glad I chose it. Did not want implants. Was back at work after 6 weeks, just could not bend to easy in the beginning, or lift anything heavy. Would do it again . Good luck making your decision. I know its tough.If you have questions , you can e-mail me at
Love Emmi

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Hi! I would like to start by saying how sorry I am to hear your news. I know you must be feeling and thinking a lot of different things right now and it is probably hard to sort everything out. So much information, it is overwhelming. I had my tram flap done Feb 15th and I am glad I did. I even had a difficult recovery due to a abdomenal fissure which developed and the plastic surgeon had to re-operate on my stomach to close the hole. I believe it was caused by previous surgeries I had had on my abdomen. It lessened the mental trauma for me to have the reconstruction done right away and the plus of having a fabulously FLAT stomach, well, what can I say! It's a big surgery so be prepared, recovery may not be as quick as you expect. That was my experience, but I believe it was worth it! I'm afraid I am not an authority on the dorsi flap, the tram was recommended for me. Good luck to you and God bless you in whatever you decide. Lyn

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HI! I had my tram flap about 7 years ago. It was a tough surgery but was worth the result. My only problem is I did not have a bilateral and 5 years later had the other breast removed. They, of course could not do another tram so this time I had the latissimus.The results are not as nice and the problems are numerous. Suregery was last February and problems still persist.

Make sure someone lets you know all that you can expect when you come out of surgery. I had never been in the hospital before and was shocked at the drain tubes, IV's etc. The biggest thing in the hospital is to ask for help when needed. I tried to do everything myself and paid a little for that. All in all I would do it again.

I wish you well and a speedy recovery.......

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