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new at this

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just recently diagnosed with breast cancer. On 6-14 had my right breast removed. Went through it really well. I will meet my oncologist on 7-11 to discuss chemo and radiation. I have heard such horror stories over the years about chemo, I am not looking forward to this. I just want to be able to function and go on with my life going through all of this. Any thoughts out there would really like feed back . Kathybto(tburch3@msn.com)

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Hi Kathy,

The doctors really have a lot of drugs to help with the side effects. For me the chemo is my lifeline. It has become a part of my life. I functioned for a very long time taking the chemo and working full-time. YOu can do it!! Please be sure to tell your doctors everything! They can make adjustments in medications that WILL allow you to continue with your life. It is scary. I always find that the worse part is the unknown. Whenever my protocal is changed, I get nervous about how I will be able to function. However, I find that I am fine once the change has taken place and I have a schedule. I have made a lot of difficult changes in my life, but they really have been for the best. Please email me if you have any questions.

Love, prayers and hugs!


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this can be a scarey time i know i did 4 cycles a/c chemo with the portacad installed and then 33 days of radiation most of my side effects was nausea which i was given zofran and compazine(not sure i spelled it right)anyhow TAKE IT ONE DAY AT A TIME and keep open with your physician and nurses about any of your symptoms.they will help you through ....my prayers are with you hang in there.......kathy,,,ps lots of kathys around here!

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katabo, Im new at this what is a portacad, does everyone have to have this. you can email me at tburch3@msn.com. thanks Kathybto

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Hello there,
Welcome to this wonderful site. I was diagnosed in Jan. and had my left breast removed, had 2 nodes positive. I have already gone thru 5 cycles of chemo. I am also pregnant. I am due to have my baby next week. The chemo went very well. I had to problems with it at all. Of course, I did lose my hair but that's about it. I just had it in my head that I was going to do good and I did. My docs were pretty certain I'd be sick since I was doing this while being pregnant but I pulled through with no problems. I will have more chemo after the baby and have radiation. So I have no insight on radiation. While on chemo, I did take Zofran for nausea and I think that helped tremendously. If I can be of anymore help, don't hesitate to email me. ahaney@elp.rr.com
God Bless,

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Chemo is difficult to deal with because of the physical changes our bodies must go through. It is important that we find ways to help ourselves feel good about the way we look and feel. There isn't any need not to take the same care for yourself. I found often in the day getting up and showering made all the difference in my world that day. It was important to me to contribute even if it was just cooking and cleaning the odd thing. Normallicy, something we yern for.
Good luck and know your team is surrounding you there to help carry you part of they way. Those we have lost are there cheering us on and don't doubt that for a moment. We all have our teams,

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Kathy, sorry to hear that another one of us has been diagnosed with cancer, the one most important thing is to be positive,even though somedays it will be hard..chemo is different for everyone, there are many that go through it like a breeze and others who suffer every side effect...you won't know until you go through it , hopefully you will be one that breezes through it !!! there is alot of support on this website to help you through it, which is really important to have a support system. I found even though I had family and friends that were wonderful,the women here have wonderful advice and its nice to hear from those who have been through all this...makes it a little easier...Best of Luck at your appointment and keep us posted...God Bless..Karin

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I had chemo and radiation, then surgery and chemo and radiation again. All of this was done in one calendar year. They such wonderful drugs for anti-nausea. My chemotherapist added something to my drip prior to the actual chemo, and I was given a prescription for pills - just in case. The nurse said the secret is to take the pills if you detect the slightest hint of nausea. I was so very fortunate. I had a good support system with my sister, she made sure I had ginger ale on hand, hard candies and lots of words of encouragement. To let you know how scared I was about throwing up, I carried a large container in the car with a plastic bag liner. I NEVER HAD TO USE IT! I lost my hair two times, that was the biggest hurl. My husband sat me down and used his clippers to shave my head as soon as the hair started falling out - that way I was in control about when my hair disappeared. That all happened in 1999, and I am doing just fine. Still go for checkups. You will do just fine, keep a positive attitude. JMGemmill

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