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drainage container belt

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Does anyone know about a belt that you can place your drainage containers in so that they are not flopping around. Someone told me about it but can't remember where/how she got it. It was a mother/daughter team that came up with the idea somewhere in California. thanks

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Don't know anything about a belt. I pinned them to the inside of my clothing and that worked okay. The only thing I found it easier to wear loose clothing like overalls, very glamourous!!!!
Love Liza

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There is a local store where I live that sells the belt. They also sell camisoles and other tops with pockets for the drains. I pinned the drains inside my blouse. I would pin them onto a lanyard when I was bathing. One night I did drop one of the drains as I was pinning it onto the lanyard. It dropped and dangled and scared me half to death as I was grabbing for it. However, when I had the drains removed I quickly found that there was no way that it was going to be pulled out. Best wishes on finding what you need. Kat

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I just pinned my drain so it did not hang and pull at the site. I was told not to shower - only sponge bathe - until a day after the drains were out.

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Hi Kat,
I pinned the drain to my camisole (sp?) that they gave me at the hospital. It did have a pocket but didn't use the pocket. I was also already in maternity clothes so you could hardly see the drain poking out. I was told I could shower but had to cover the drain at the place where it entered my body with plastic wrap. That worked great. I felt so much better when I showered. I had my drain in at home for a week. yuck.:-)
Take care, Angel

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There are water resistance tapes out there and found that I could tape and would be out of my way and didn't even know I had them. Comfort is the important thing

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Hi, I made a pouch with a drawstring. the pouch was just big enough to hold the drain bulbs, and the string was a ribbon, I pinned the ribbon to the inside of my blouse/shirts.
for no longer than I needed something, It worked fine.Hope this works for you.
as far as needing something when taking a shower, forget it, they won't come out.

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There's nothing like good old safety pins. This way you can position it wherever you want. I got quite good at taking a shower from the waist down while the drain was in for approximately 10 days. I just washed my hair in the sink. It worked o.k. for me. I think pinning the drain is the easiest & simplest and you can easily hide it under your clothes. Kathie...God bless & may He watch over you.

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I also pinned my container to the inside of my clothing. It was summer and I wore my looser fitting tops and shorts. Two days after surgery, I went to church and wore an outift with a long jacket. Everyone was so glad to see me out and about that they didn't notice anything. I was allowed to shower as soon as I could change the dressing and I have to admit I was nervous about the drains then but all went well. My husband was great to help me cover the entry areas as needed.
take care and best of luck

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