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fibroids and cramps 6 months after chemo

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wow i get through breast cancer chemo and radiation three mopnths of leg pains at nite thensix weeks of bouts of extreme fatigue now the pain at nite is gone but now three days later im having bleding for three weeks at a time!!!!after several appts at the gyno. they says biopsy of uterouse is ok as far as cancer after two ultrasounds they say it's fibroids 1 cm and 2 cm that is causing this....when is this going to stop!!!!they suggest a surgery similiar to a dnc...kaiser is just wearing me out i have to do all the correlating betwen the md /onocology and know gynocology.im so frustrated about these symptoms i finally get over one then another starts!!!!can hardly walk today. anyone else experiance this

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Sounds very familiar on top of all the other issues I have had. Hard to feel strong when bleeding all the time, nothing causing mine but my body. One of these days I am sure it will stop and that will be the end of it. It is very frustrating but know you are not alone, I am glad there is something to your problems cause there is nothing to mine except a bad case of meopause.

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I am so sorry about your pain. You might want to ask your gyn/oncologist about LUPRON. Some oncologists are using LUPRON as a part of breast cancer protocals. The side benefit is that LUPRON will shrink fibroids. It puts you in complete chemical menopause, but it might help you to avoid surgery.

Love, prayers and hugs,


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