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Hot Flashes...Effexor?

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Hi all. Finally had to contact my doctor again about the hot flashes...night sweats and day flashes. Cannot get any rest. I have been on Prozac for quite some time for panic dissorder. The oncologist took me off Prozac for the last week and I started taking Effexor today (37.5 which will increase to 75 mg next week) I would love you hear about your experiences with this drug and if it really helps.

God's love and peace to all of you-

Mel in AR

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Hi Mel, I am on Effexor XR 75 mg for 1 1/2 years now. For me it does a great job. Hotflashes are not completly gone, but now I can tolerate them, have very few. I have had NO side effects so far. Night sweats are minimal. I wish you the best with this medication and hope it helps you too. I take Xanax at night .5 mg when needed so I can sleep. Good luck. Love Emmi

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Hi Mel, I also just started Effexor about 12 days ago, I have notice a slight decrease in hot flashes,although I still get them, my doctor thought it would help me sleep,but really hasn't made a difference yet, I do feel that I'm not in the depressed moods anymore, seem to be more happy..so thats a good thing about it..really no bad side effects from it. Hopefully it will keep helping...best of luck. God Bless, Karin

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Hi Mel,

I'm surprised you started another medicine after only a week off Prozac - usually it takes five weeks to get it out of your system. I take it despite its long life in the body because I found it better than Paxil or Zoloft, but only take 10 mg - the smallest they make.

I don't notice any relief from hot flashes tho' once I get to sleep I'm ok - it's during the day that I am bothered, but I swear it got me through the whole thing of having cancer without falling apart! I took 20 mg. then.

good luck to you.

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I have been using Effexor, 75 mg. for over a year now. I also use Ambien 10 mg. for sleep. I have also used that for over a year. The Effexor is awesome for the hot flashes! You can't just "pop" off this drug. You have to wean yourself off of it. I have no side effects.

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