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Newly diagnosed and now just memories of my left boob

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Greetings! I'd like to develop some friends who have been through this interesting "lump" in life. One of those obstacles that is thrown ahead of you when you least expect it. I had a masectomy last Thursday (6-20) and healing nicely. I'm feeling GREAT, but soon I'll begin my fun regimine of chemo. I'd like to hear some insight on what that's been like for you. Were you able to work? Thanks! Karen Rose (roses1086@aol.com)

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Hi Karen Rose,
I didn't go thru chemo so I can't help you there but many others on this site will be able to give you some imput. I'm so glad your surgery is over and that your recovery is coming along. Welcome to this site. It's like one big family of sisters willing to share and help with questions and support.
Take care and keep us updated on your progress.

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Karen Rose,
I worked during the chemo pior to my surgery.
I shaved my head before my hair fell out, and had everyone at my office sign my head.
My thoughts and prayers are with you. Elaine

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hiya, Karen!
welcome to the group. i only had a lumpectomy but i have had chemo. i shaved my head on my first day because it was very long and i would have gone nuts watching it fall out. i'm glad all is well for you so far. you'll find that someone here will be able to answer just about any question you have whether they have your same story or not. God bless. Vicki :)

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Hi Karen,
My name is Sharon and I first had the lumpectomy then a few months later the masectomy. The only gross thing is the bag hanging that has to be drained.

Chemo is tuff and as everyone says different for all people. You will loose your hair two weeks after your first chemo, at least the bulk of it. It is so much better to just cut it off. My hair was real long and started getting everywhere so I shaved it also. Now I wear hats and pin different color flowers on them to match what I am wearing, wigs are hot and itchy. I think not having to fix your hair everyday is just one less thing you will have to deal with so in a way it is good.

Somedays you will be fine some days you won't want to get out of bed. Give yourself a break if you possible can when you are feeling bad. In the beginning chemo is manageable. The middle and ending chemo treatments are for the tuff and brave. Cancer is not for wimps!!!!!

Take care of yourself and I wish you the best.

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Hi Karen Rose!

Every cancer patient's experience is different. Alot depends on the type of chemo you'll get and how it affects you. In 1996, I had 4 rounds of chemo for 3 months before my mastectomy for inflammatory breast cancer. I was given the chemo via IV at the hospital on an outpatient basis, and was very ill for a few days afterwards. I was out of work 3 days after each session. For 9 months after surgery, I took chemo pills daily and went to the doctor's office once a week for an injection, which didn't make me sick. I only missed 1 day of work during that time period because I had a cold. However, some days I had to push myself harder to get to work because I was very tired. Talk with your doctor and do what's best for you.

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I went thru the same thing May 2001.Sounds like you are doing real good and have a positive outlook which the Dr.s say is great. This time next year you will wonder where the time went! It depends on what chemo you get and how much if you are able to work . Everyone is not the same , depends on what stage your are and how healthy you are to begin with. My friend from Canada was one treatment ahead of me and had such great humor. She would e-mail me and joke how she was leaving a trail, with her hair falling out in the house. The best medicine is humor and it sounds like you have it. Laugh as much as you can.

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Hi, I to have only memories of my left one.
had surgery in Jan this year.that went fine, was the chemo that was bad for me, was ready to quit after the first one. but Dr. promised to make the rest better and he did. and a good friend who is a bc survivor talked me into taking the treatments, she is also a chemo nurse and I see her each week. had it not been for her I would have stopped the treatments. I have two more to go then will be done, I hope.I guess what I'm trying to say is that the chemo is different for everyone, and the Dr's. can manage the nausea and pain if you have it, just tell them. and you have all the support here you will need, the girls have been a big help to me, they are wonderful!!!
please keep us posted as how you are doing.
You will be in my prayers. Love and GOD Bless you.---------Flo

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Hi Karen,
My name is Angel. I also had a mastectomy of my left breast, just finished 5 rounds of chemo and am expecting to delivery my baby in less than 2 weeks. I will be on another chemo after the baby and radiation. I did real well with the surgery and the chemo. I was not able to work though. With me being pregnant, they didn't want me under any added stress. I am a teacher and really didn't need to be around children anyway. I wish you the best and if there is anything you would like to know, everyone here is so helpful. My email is ahaney@elp.rr.com if you ever want to chat. God Bless you during this time and always.

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Hi KarenRose, welcome, glad you are doing well. At present I am going through chemo and I just went back to work part time. My chemo protocol is called CMF, 28 day cycle. I get chemo twice a month. Before they start ,I get an IV with Zofran (an anti nausea medication) and Decadron (steroid) also for nausea. This combination has helped me.I also take a Zofran pill 8 mg before I leave the clinic where I get my treatment and again 1 pill 12 hrs later. I get very tired after the treatment,headaches and some body aches, everybody is different and reacts different. My hair is thinning and I will shave it off soon. When I had chemo 3 1/2 yrs ago I had Adriamycin, all my hair came out after 10 days , depending on the meds , all have different side effects. Its a rough road, we all have been there, You too will get through this. At present I feel great, my next chemo is 7-11 and 7-18, I also have to give myself shots to get my blood count up. My Doc. is 2 hrs away, that's why I do the shots. So thereare good days and some bad once. But we have to deal with it. Think positive, if you have questions, just ask. God bless you... Love Emmi

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Well Im new to this too. Had my surgery 6-14. took my right breast, I'm 47yrs old always in good health. I meet with my oncologist july 11th. Not looking forward to chemo, but I know I must go through this. take care you can email me at tburch3@msn.com.

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Hi Karen Rose...my memories are of my right boob..which is now artificial. (A nice firm, round one). My surgery was last August 9th and I too healed nicely. I then went thru 4 rounds of chemo, Cytoxin & Adriamycin..Hair started to fall out in 4 weeks after chemo started. Even though I knew it was going to happen, it was still a shock. bought a wig, but only wore it a few times. I went hat crazy. Had fun with them. At least I was hairless during the cold months. As far as work goes, it will depend on you. I went back to work part time 6 weeks after surgery 5 hours a day instead of my usual 8 or 9 hours. (they loved my hats at work) When I had chemo I took three days off. The first day of chemo was o.k., but the second & third were worse for me. Continued to work part time. Luckily I had excellent benefits which afforded me the luxury of time off with pay. I continued part time until the first of the year and have been back full time ever since. Sounds like you have the right attitude to get you through this. Your body will tell you how much you can do..just take the time to listen to it. Take care of yourself and god bless.

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HI, Iam also newly diagnosed. Had my surgery 6-14 took my right breast. I have my appointment 7-14 to meet my oncologist to discuss treatment. I can honestly tell you I am not looking forward to this. I just want to be able to go on with my life and hopefully find a part time job, to keep me busy. I wish you the best take care. Kathybto(tburch3@msn.com)

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