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more surgery

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Joined: Apr 2002

Hello to all. I am going to have more surgery. My implant busted and is causung some pain. So I have to have it removed. The surgery is set for July the 15th. Please keep me in your prayers. Judy

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Hi Judy,
I am so sorry about that, you will be in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery!!

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Sorry Judy that having reconstruction wasn't the end of your surgeries. MY goodness hear of that allot what does it take to break them? Much force?
I will keep you close at heart.

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hiya, Judy,
sorry to hear about more surgery. when you've been thru what we've been thru that's one phrase that becomes very taboo..."more surgery". hope all goes well. i'll be thinking of you. God bless. Vicki

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Hi Judy,
When I started reading your message I was thinking it was surgery for cancer, like it was back or something. I was glad to read it was your implant even though that's a pain to. I can only imagine. I have not had any reconstruction done yet. Well, you will be in my prayers, I hope everything goes great.
Love, Angel

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