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People who use this site

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Hello everyone,
I have been frequenting this site since last fall and have found a tremendous support group. Although I have not gotten to know anyone personally, I have read many of your posts and have responded to several. There has been an influx of new people on this site over the past several months. I have felt lately, that there have been occasional posts that do not ring true. I realize that anyone can sign up and post questions to this group, however, I would hope that people using this site, are not falsely presenting themselves as breast cancer patients. Up until now, I have thought of this site as kind of a sacred place where I can come every day and read and share. I want to express thanks to all the woman who have helped me over the past 10 months. My prayers are with each of you every day. I want to ask everyone who uses this site to respect it and the woman who need the support that this site offers.
Thanks for listening.

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What has made you think people aren't true when coming here? I think we all know possible but don't think it goes on here and if so very little.

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It is interesting how the internet brings people with like backgrounds together, isn't it? I, too think this is a wonderful site, and am so glad I found it, too. Since we came up to Michigan for the summer from FL, I have not found a local support group, but really don't feel the need to find one since I have this site and all these wonderful women. Best wishes to you....Cyndi

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Hey gals, she must mean Eric!! ha ha, Shirlann

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