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Lung Surgery.........."HELP" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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First Dx with 3B inoperatable NSCLC after going through chemo and radiation. I was said to be in remission but now it is back after 6 months. They have givin me the option of removing the left lung or trying some experimental drugs which are in phase 2. I have decided to do the operation and would like any information ASAP.
Thanks and God Bless !

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although I only had upper lobe removed & not entire left lung - I was ready to start the chemo/radiation I needed post surgery after 3 1/2 weeks. Yes it is major surgery but expected it to be worse I guess (I'm only 39 with no other respiratory problems). First week home from hospital I'm eating those Perocets every 4 hours & sitting down in the shower - but 1 month out I can scale a flight of steps without getting winded. I would only suggest to consider reconstruction if any ribs are planned to be removed - not sure if it's possible in same operation - but if so - wish I had opted for it. I have structural issues due to rib removal. I am a bit confused - is it IIIB lung ca now? as that does not seem operable as you indicated. Good luck.

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I had nsclc stage 1 and had my left upper lobe removed in March. Surgery went well and no more cancer in lymph nodes. Recovery seemed slow to me, although for some reason I thought I would come home from the hospital and feel pretty good. Everything healed on scheduled according to my doctor. I went back to work after seven weeks. I am still somewhat short of breath, but am so glad I had it done. Be positive, that is half the battle.

Good Luck


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I was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1995. I had the top right hand side of my lung removed. I was fine for three years and then it came back in my lymph nodes. I then had radiation and it came back the following year in the lymph nodes under my right arm, I then had chemo therapy, so far it has stayed away. They say I am in remission so I definely advise you to have the operation and make sure they check your lymph nodes and if it has spread have them give you chemo right away. Good luck!

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Do the surgery, It takes a little while to recover but when its done its done. I have had the upper half of my left lung removed and 1/4th of my right lung removed. Both from cancer 31/2 yrs apart. I'm doing just fine. The first time was in 1987 and the last time was 1991, so you see I'v been clean for quite a while.
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tomotherapy could be your answer

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