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Antioxidants helped me

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Dear Friends:
I know a lot of doctors don't believe that antioxidants or vitamin supplements do anything for cancer. All I know is what they did for me personally.
As some of you already know my story, but some of you are new to this site since then, I will tell more of my story. In June of 2000, I was dx with Stage IV breast cancer. It had already spread to my bones, liver, a couple of nodes in my lungs and a small mass in my chest of lymph nodes. I wouldn't ask at the time, but since have learned that my doctor didn't think I would see another Christmas. Several of my friends told me their experiences with herbs and vitamins and they were 10 years or more from their original dx. I began with the Taxol and Herceptin, taking Essiac Tea, Green Tea, Coenzyme Q10; Cat's Claw; mega dose of Vitamin C; extra Vitamin E, and A and B complex, and drinking only distilled water - as much as I could every day. In December of 2000, I was released from the Taxol and the liver mets were 90% improved and by July I was told I was in remission.
I had a lot of sickness in my family since January, and then my mother passed away in February and I got off my routine of the herbs and vitamins. I was away from home a lot and just didn't take them. In April I found another lump and was put back on Taxol, and of course I started being very diligent about my supplements. The tumor has dried up without further treatment. I am praying that when I see my oncologist tomorrow he will give me the news I want to hear - no more Taxol. Please remember me, if you can, with a little prayer that I can take some time off from the hard stuff!
I am not advising or encouraging anyone to follow my example - but my friends had the same experience I did. Their terminal cancer is on hold. I know others that took supplements and did not make it. I do not know the answer - we are all different; so, we are all going to respond somewhat differently to the same treatments. If the researchers can ever match our treatments to our own DNA needs, it will solve many problems.
You are all in my thoughts and prayers, and I hope God is smiling on you and yours today. Don't give up, just keep trying.
Love and hugs to all,

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It is so good to hear from you and hear your good news. You have been in my prayers daily. I also was Stage IV and did not take chemo, but did alternative treatment of vitamins and herbs. Like Brenda, I would not recommend it for everyone, but I am a living testimony to the effectiveness of prayer, faith, and vitamins. Maybe, one day, the government will study cases like ours. My oncologist just calls me a miracle - and I am.

God Bless,

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Thank you Kathy. I am ashamed I forgot the most important ingredient. I hit the submit button before I realized that I did not make comment on the most important treatment: FAITH in heaping doses. No matter what we take or do for ourselves - it is still God's will how and what happens. I believe strongly in keeping the faith no matter how bad the storms of life are raging around you. I thank God everyday for His love and strength and the chance to find His way.
God bless you,

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I am a believer that things in nature can heal us of anything - if only we knew just what God put there for each disease. I don't know why the government doesn't subsidize a big experimentation project on how to cure cancer with natural herbs and vitamins.

In the beginning of my treatments, I asked my doctor if I could take vitamins during my chemo and he said a big resounding no. He told me the vitamins would revive the cancer cells that the chemo knocked down. I would think your body would need extra nutrition supplements at a time like this. I can take calcium tablets though.

I have also heard that eating fresh fruits and fresh vegetables and very little meats, drinking water with no chlorine in it, and staying away from products with no caffeine is a good diet for those who are trying to stay cancer free.

I had a question earlier about the side effects of taxitol and taxitere. You referred to being on taxol - is this different than taxitol or in the same family?


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Dear Meredy:
I answered on your earlier message about this just a few minutes ago. My doctor spells it Taxol and Taxotere; I am sure they are the same. A chemical called taxanes, I believe is right. Your doctor's answer to your question was the same as mine, but I did not listen to him, and he told me not to tell him what I was taking. The nurse said it was because if you had a positive response, they wanted to know it was the chemo that was doing the job, and not some supplement. Or vice versa.
Take good care of yourself,

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I hope that others will be helped by the information. I always wonder why more don't try things even if it costs a few dollars. We always seem to pay without batting an eye to food (that isn't even good for us), booze and smokes but won't pay and try alternative therapies to see if any would work. In my case I found Morinda Tahitian Noni Juice and it has worked even now though I am still having problems. It still keeps allot of my pain at bay because if I go off it I am a cripple in a few days. I have friends that take it and aren't sick and notice amazing benefits to their health. They have taken it because they can see the difference in me the past few years. It just isn't the answer for everything. Like chemo and medicine it can't fix everything. LOL
Taking care of ourselves is most important,

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Hi Brenda, oh boy have I seen changes. I remember as a young woman with litle kids that if you mentioned vitamins to a doctor they actually lectured you fiercely about how stupid you were. Well, my mom had always been a "health food nut" and so I just automatically did the same. I have two sons who grew to 6'5" and I find it so funny that everyone knows vitamins and minerals fed to cows and chickens keeps them healthier and even grass won't grow without fertilizer. However, my husbands cousin has an oncologist in L.A. who specializes in prostate and he gives out a list of vitamins and minerals. It is amazing. I never thought I would see the day! And, our friend's cardiologist gave him a list. Oh, it is so sweet! ha ha ah, Hugs and kisses and keep up the good work! Your sister, Shirlann

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