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Thanks for the responses

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I really appreciate the quick responses I got from my questions about taxitol and taxitere. You girls are so kind! I thought I'd respond to each of you in one message so here goes.

Jean - thanks for the addy for google - I will go there and see what I can find. And, to answer your question, I am going to an Oncology/Hematology clinic in Little Rock, AR that has been in business for years. I don't know if this is a new protocol they are using or if it's something they've done before. I will ask my doctor when I see him next time. Also, thanks for the suggestion of lortabs or darvocet. I will remember these meds when the time comes.

Jamie, thank you for your input. And to answer your question - well, I guess I answered it already in the message to Jean - I go to Little Rock for treatments.

Auntie - thanks you for taking the time to write and for the info on your experience.

Tara - thanks for responding. In answer to your question, the reason I said it was not a reoccurrence is, I was just going by what my doctors told me. Both my surgeon and my oncologist said this was an unusual thing to happen and in fact, the oncologist wanted to put me in a specific study because my case is kind of rare. After 20 years of being cancer free - I was supposedly in the clear. Also, in one of my breast, the cancer was ductal and in the other breast it wasn't. They never called it a reoccurrence. I hope this all makes sense.

Cthip - (didn't see your name at the bottom of the message) Thanks for your info. I'm sorry you had such a bad time with the treatment. Did you go back and finish up the treatments - I wasn't quite sure whether you did or not and would like to know, if you did, how the rest of the treatments went. I'm so glad your scans showed you are still cancer free!

Hope I didn't miss anyone.

Thanks again to all!


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