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Secret Code

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Sorry to gripe but I wish people wouldn't use abbreviations in thier messages. Half the time I haven't a clue what they mean. Its a bit like a secret society. Sorry to sound so negative, maybe I'm just going through a down phase.

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Goodmorning Lisa,
Your not being negative and I am glad you noted such a thing. Sometimes I too am perceived as being negative when I am just trying to understand myself. It is chat hand I call it and I am learning with you. It will take some time but you too will figure it out eventually, I have been on here for over a year and I still don't get most but is that my mind, I don't remember as well anymore they call that Chemo Brain.
I don't, I call that forgetting.
Women out there this is a posting board and I hope that we will get over feeling we are being negative. I have learned in my Cancer fight these Past Five Years and that is what I call it a fight, I will forever fight the possibility of a reoccurance of any kind of cancer. I hope most of you do know out there we are at a higher risk of getting certain cancer out there after having breast cancer, even if had chemo. I have learned that I am truly living because I can live in the good and the bad that occurs in my life.
Don't feel like you are being negative because that isn't being good to yourself. It is how we speak in our minds and feel in our hearts that truly makes a difference with fighting this disease and living with the thought of it there ever after.
Love you all,
Know your story because we all have one.

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Hi, dear Tara, I gotta tell you on the AOL site I access at work they had a contest one gal started about the weight of her friends boobs from her double mast. It was just so cute. The winner I think was 17pounds or so. The gal who had the mast called the gal who did a contest a hemmorhoid, it was just hilarious. Tickled everyone to death. It felt good to all of us to laugh. Hugs and kisses, Shirlann

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Liza...you have a right to speak your mind, and no one here will think bad of you for it. That's why we're here. Once you've gotten used to some of the abbreviations, it's just easier to use them that writing the whole word out. Example, tx for treatment, onc for oncologist. Anyway, if you don't know what they mean, just ask....anyone here wouold be glad to explain themselves....we don't want to leave anyone in the dark here. Have a good evening....Cyndi

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