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Tirapazamine, Paclitaxel & Carboplatin

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This ride is a quick education...a short time ago, I didn't know any of these words and now I am on an intimate basis with them. One week ago, I had my first chemo treatment, which is part of a clinical trial for Tirapazamine. I tolerated the treatment well, but was naive about what fatigue means. However, I woke with renewed energy this morning which I take to mean I'll be ready for my next treatment in two weeks. I am also part of a massage therapy clinical trial in conjunction with chemo...it sounds like it can be very nuturing. I am grateful for this list and the inspiration and support that it offers. As I gain experience, I hope to share myself with others.

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I know what you mean about a quick education. And sometimes I think there are some lessons we just shouldn't have to learn...Oh, well, here we are.

I am caregiver for my mom diagnosed in Feb with small cell lung w/ mets to the brain. Radiation did well. She's on #5 of a series of chemo of 3days on, 3 weeks off. The fatigue she experiences is often incomprehensible to someone not participating in this. It amazes me. And the fact that at 67, she battles it as well as she does is inspiring. One of the best things that has happened to her, and me too, is an introduction through our cancer treatment center with reiki. Its an eastern style meditative laying on of hands by a master with participation by an assistant and me and whomever else wants to go with us. A little new age music. The reiki master aslo happens to be a catholic nun, in this case. Some visualization therapy is part of it too. Wow. Its awesome. I think I get almost as much out of it as she does. It has been the best -no question about it- the best agent for fighting the fatigue, the lack of appetite and nausea, treatment related depression, and pain that she gets in her bones. It has really turned her around. The best part is she is able to relax and "treat" herself with it in between sessions when she needs a boost.

Your mention of message therapy sounds awesome and brought mom's reiki to mind. This could be more than nurturing for you - give it all you've got. And they may be able to steer you toward reiki or something like it as well, if you are interested.

I'll be praying for you!

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Thank you for your response. I am sure there are benefits to Reiki and I intend to look into that also. The massage therapy can be done right at the cancer center when I go for treatment or for blood work.
I have only had one treatment and was not prepared for the fatigue; however, so far it was only a 5 day episode. I have not experience any nausea and so have been able to keep those nutrients going!
I'm glad your Mom has you to care for her. My daughter has been here with me for my important events. You and she need to remember to take care of yourselves also...you need extra special treatment.
I remember you both in my prayers and look forward to further posting. Margaret

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So happy to hear your Mom has discovered Reiki! I was diagnosed with SCLC in Feb 02 and have been participating in Reiki sessions since the beginning of my chemo. It's an incredibly powerful healing tool and helped me get through chemo with few side effects. In fact, I still have my hair! It also helps with the emotional issues that are inevitable with this disease. I also took the class and am able to treat myself when I'm fatigued or in pain. And the wonderful "Reiki ladies" who treat me do it for free! It's an incredible resource.

Hope your mom is doing okay.

"Expect a miracle."

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