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Hi! New to this group and have a question ...

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Hi all! I am a 4 year breast cancer survivor. I had a bone scan last year which showed a small mass in my ribs of unknown origin. I repeated the scan a couple weeks ago, and the spot is still there...a little larger, with a considerable increase in uptake. My oncologist has referred me to a chest surgeon for a bone resection. I saw the surgeon ... he is removing a 3-4 inch section of a rib bone almost directly below the under side of my breast. Here's my question ... has anyone in this group had a bone resection (removing the piece of the rib in question), and if so, could you please give me some insight into the procedure and most especially the recovery time? I have heard that this is an especially painful surgery to recover from. Also, the surgeon said he won't replace the bone piece he removes ... I don't understand that and he didn't offer much of an explanation. Any comments would be so appreciated! Thanks so much ... angie

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Hi Angie. I haven't had your procdure but I wanted to wish you good luck. I have heard that radiation can cause this... Did you have radiation? I would contact your oncologist to answer your question. Surgeons are the most warm and fuzziest kinds of Dr.'s. good luck. Lia

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I had the upper left lobe of my lung removed in March. They went through my back to get the lump and also took a section of my rib to biopsy. I haven't noticed any difference with a section of rib gone. Don't think the piece was verylarge though. The lung surgery is considered a major operation, and my surgeon said it was more major than open heart surgery. Recovery seemed slow, but went back to work in 7 weeks. Keep positive and although my surgery wasn't exactly the same I too want to wish you good luck.


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I had a rib removed--the 5th rib--when both
lobes of my right lung were removed last October. This happens frequently, apparently it's necessary to access the lung. It is painful, but doesn't probably have many of the
dangersthat occur when the lung is also operated upon. The pain will lessen, but give yourself plenty of time to recover--and you will recover. Best of luck!

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