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Turning 37 and a new year

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Hi all:

Today, I turned 37. Most of my 36th year of life I was either sick and they couldn't figure out what was wrong with me or I was fighting cancer. I feel like today is the first day of the rest of my life. I didn't tell a lot of people it was my birthday becasue I quietly wanted to say good-bye to 36 and welcome 37 as a new year and a new lease on life. I wanted to morn the past year, just sharing it with my family and close friends. After I went into recovery I felt depressed and feared the cancer would come back. My birthday has given me a sense of peace with my cancer. Almost like it is a new begining. I feel like I can really put the cancer behind me and go on now. Does this make sense to any of you? I know that only cancer suvivors can understand the emotional side of being a survivor. Also, I hope this helps anyone who is still feeling depressed. I am not saying that I will never worry again or that I won't look back on this past year and feel sad. There is just peace within me that wasn't there before today. I know my life has changed for ever but I can except it now. Lia

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Happy Birthday Lia! And even more, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! What you said sure makes sense to me, and I do believe morning the past year and welcoming the next year as your new beginning is a wonderful thing. I am not really depressed, however that's not saying I don't have those days once in a while. For me though, I am having a problem with anxiety and I think I will have to get help for it as I can't control it and don't know how to deal with it. Anyway, this is not supposed to be about me, but I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS on your new beginning. Take care, Lisa.

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Happy Birthday Lia!

Congratulations on your new year and your recovery (welcoming a new start). We'll all have bad days--but I am so glad to hear that you have found a peace.

You go girl!

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