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Hi all,
As some of you know im not a breast cancer patien i had brain cancert. However, my mother just had a mamogram done about 3 weeks ago and they found a lump measuring 1.7 cm. This didint show on the mamogram though they felt it. I took her to the surgeon this morning and he suggested doing a lumpectomy this Wednesday. My question is...is it common to do a lumpectomy first instead of a biopsy. He told her its a lump and it needs to come out and that he would send the pathology out and after that was back then they would talk again on what if anything needed to be done. I would welcome any information on this procedure and if any have had this done instead of a regular biopsy.


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I had talked to you earlier about this biopsy thing and now realize that no matter what the best thing is to have the lump out no matter whether it is benine or not. I think this is better than biopsing then taking the lump out.
Just my opinion though,
Love ya,

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Hi, The surgeon I saw gave me the choice between a biopsy and a lumpectomy. I didn't have any second thoughts about choosing the lumpectomy since I wanted to anything that didn't belong in my breast removed. Remember in my case the spot was small and couldn't be felt by the doctors; it turned out to be non-cancerous but cancer was found in the border tissuse.
My choice would be to go with the lumpectomy but that's just my thoughts.
Keep us posted.

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Hi, I had a lumpectomy and node removal without ever having a biopsy. My lump was about 2cm and it did show up on my mammo. I would say if you have confidence in your surgeon then go with what he/she says. Try to read all you can, it really helps to be informed when faced with this type of a decision.
God bless,

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Hi, dear the only good lump is in a JAR!!! Good for your doc, he is a good man! Hugs, Shirlann

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Hi...I had the choice of a needle biopsy or an excisional biopsy. I chose the needle biopsy, just in the off chance it was benign. So, since it was offered to me, I would say it's pretty normal. Please let us know how she does, and what is going on, and God bless you in your survival! Cyndi

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Hi Belinda,
I had the same experience. The doctor tried to aspirate fluid initially to tell if it was a cyst. When that couldn't be done, he did the lumpectomy and then the biopsy was done on the tissues that he removed. When the path report came back positive, it didn't have clear margins of tissue around the tumor, so he had to go back in, one more time to make sure everything was gone. My lump didn't show up on the mammogram either. I have saved the report that says "negative" for when I need a definition of irony. Anyway, it was a relatively painless procedure. I was out in my garden that same afternoon. I just had a drain for about a week. It was more a bother than painful. I didn't need the pain meds. Hope all goes well.
Love, Jayne

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