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Had tongue cancer 11 years ago.Does anyone
want to be a pen pal. It really helps to
talk to someone about radiation treatment.

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had radiation to the neck causing scar tissue & nerve damage. Radiation just over towaards end of March so damage is still occurring. Mine was for lung ca where tumor had invaded the chest wall and involved the brachail plexus area - 44 rad treatmente to this area. Hard to sort out which of the side effects are a result of the rad and which are from the surgery itself (incision also made in the neck due to retracked nuscle from the loboctomy surgery. Trying to deal with the pain from it all now - it's 4:30 a.m. - awoke @ 2;30 morphine & ambien just not working this time. What dosage of neurotin seems to work best.

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Evans I just read your post and my mother had lung cancer and terriable pain after radiation but I found the duragesic patch worked wonders for her as it is time realsed have you used this. Acyually it was my druggist who told me about them and not the doctors they come in different dosages. My mom could not tolerate the liquid morphine it made her awfully sick.

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leecat, my husband had a tumor on his piri. sinus gland which is in the back of your vocal chords and opening of your esphogus. He had 40 radiation treatments. The last one was July 10th. HIs throat is still very shallowen and still is using a feeding tube. His recovery is very slow. He is depressed and on prozac. Will there be a light in the tunnel? Will the throat start to heal and how long does this take. Will life be normal again? Please help if you can, Candy

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